The captain of the Dutch basketball team Charlon Kloof is setting up his own basketball camps in the Netherlands. Youngsters aged 13 to 16 and top athletes aged 17+ can sign up for the Basket Summer Camps by Charlon Kloof. Four camps will be held between July 21st and August 2nd, with each camp lasting three days and requiring five hours a day of energy and commitment from the youth. Charlon, with his trainers, special guests and partners, will not only challenge the youth on a physical level, but he will provide a life changing experience that the youth will never forget.

The camps were created from Charlon’s own experiences in the basketball world. At a young age, Charlon participated in a basketball camp in America. The camp was not only at the top level, but it was a lifetime experience for him. He wants to pass on that experience to young athletes and top athletes with his own basketball camps. For Charlon, that basketball camp was also the point at which he had decided to become a professional basketball player. His first step in his basketball career!

Charlon creates that lifetime experience through the use of basketball coaches, special guests, experts and partners. He even involves the parents in the camps, because if their child wants to become a top athlete, how should the parents deal with it? A topic about which not much is known. Simple items such as nutrition, training and mental health are discussed with the parents and top athletes.

Charlon Kloof brings together the different levels of the young people and gives them the experience of top-level basketball. The top athletes are given an additional challenge: to experience what it is like to live for the sport and what it really takes to be a top athlete, do you mentally push through or can’t you do more? This is the starting point for their basketball career.