Giving back all started with just a kid from Surinam, who wanted to prove that his country has what it takes to make it. Charlon wanted to give back to his home and give back to kids that also have big dreams like he has.

Charlon wanted to create a structure around kids and youths with potential in basketball. Along with close friends, he set up a basketball program to guide, motivate and support potential in basketball. In 2015 they started a foundation for their basketball program named “One Sports”. In 2022 the foundation was also established in The Netherlands, named “One Sport NL”.

Every year Charlon returns to lead the kids of One Sports in an intense basketball camp with his team of trainers and professionals.

Three kids of One Sports have already received a scholarship to play college basketball in the United States of America. Many more of them are on their way. To follow and support One Sports in their work, see their information below.


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