Charlon’s basketball career is a journey where specific values serve as his compass in life. These values keep him grounded through the game wins and losses, through life’s breakdowns and breakthroughs. Until this day these values continue to lead him towards his goals and dreams.


Suriname, family, love and joy

At eight years old, Charlon started playing basketball in Paramaribo, Suriname. Suriname is where the dream to become an NBA player was born. There is where his joy for basketball was discovered. His love for the game is almost equal to the love for his country. Both of them are Home to him. And home means: Suriname, family, love and joy.


Hard work, consistency and gratitude

Charlon’s determination to work hard was consistent everywhere he went. He moved to the Netherlands and made long training hours in the cold. As the point guard of the Dutch national team, they won their first ever FIBA European championships under 20. Charlon was thankful and gratitude became a part of his journey.

His journey took a course towards Spain, Gran Canaria. There his hard work continued for an intense year of training at the Canarias Basketball Academy.

From there he received a scholarship from Saint Bonaventure’s University in New York. His first year, The Bonnie’s won their first Conference championships.

After graduation in 2014, Charlon signed his first professional basketball contract in Turkey for the team Istanbul DSI. His professional career took off from there. His increasing success came with more life challenges where the values empathy and faith supported him in his career and life journey.


Empathy and faith

In 2015 he signed in Greece for the Ago Rethymno Cretan Kings. That season went so well that in the midst of the season he received an offer from Fiat Torino. He accepted that offer and finished his second year as a pro in Italy.

For his third year pro, he played for MZT Skopje in Macedonia. That was a great year. Although he got injured, he had a strong comeback after his revalidation. They won the championships and Charlon was called out as the team’s Most Valuable Player.

In 2017 he signed for two years at Ucam Murcia in Spain.

2019 Charlon was back in Turkey, for OGM Ormanspor. That season also went very well, unfortunately due to Covid-19, the season had to come to an earlier end.

At this moment Charlon signed back in Spain again, with the team Morrabanc Andorra, in the position as their shooting guard.


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